The Watec WAT120NRC videocamera Version 18. October 2005
Martin Elsässer

The watec camera is a very intersting device for astronomical imaging, comparable but superior to the well known Mintron MTV12V1EX.
The following pages give several comparisons between the watec and other cameras and show some images/video obtained with a wide variety of instruments.

some images of DSOs, taken with the Watec
some images of large emission nebula, taken with the Watec

Basic description of the Watec camera, comparing with the Mintron
Comparison of Dark-frames of Watec and Mintron at 25°C
Comparison of Dark-frames of Watec and Mintron at 0°C

Watec-Mintron comparison with long-time exposures
StarlighXpress-Watec comparison

NEW: Improved cooling mod to the Watec camera.
first cooling modification to the Watec camera.
Effects of cooling the watec WAT-120N, part 2
Different exemplars of the WAT-120N compared
Comparison of the three different gamma settings of the WAT-120N
Effects of cooling the WAT-120N, part 1

manufacturer homepage of the Watec WAT120NRC