Young lunar crescents in 2009, seen from Medina

Martin Elsässer 05.03.2009

Some predictions on the options to observe young lunar crescents from Medina im 2009, using the established contrast-enhancing techniques and assuming good conditions.

27. March Moon rises at 7.6° elongation, 11 hours after conjunction. 10° elongation at noon, 12.4° elongation at sunset, should be simple
25. April Moon rises at 4.3° elongation, shortly before local conjunction, 5.9° elongation at noon, 7.6° elongation at sunset, interesting challenge
24. May Moon rises at 6° elongation, aldebaran nearby for focussing, occults plejades before noon, moon at 4.3° elongation at local conjunction, sets two hours later at even smaller distance, interesting for tests, but probably impossible to see after sunset. Very easy on the 25th
23. June Moon rises some hours after conjunction, at 5.5° elongation, 8.5° elongation at noon, 11.4° elongation at sunset, should be possible
22. July Moon rises at 1.2° elongation, 4.2° elongation at noon, 7.4° elongation at sunset, low angle, interesting challenge
20. August conjunction at 2.9° elongation, moon sets at 4.4° elongation, shortly BEFORE the sun. simple on 21th
19. September Moon rises at 7.5° elongation, some hours after conjunction, 9.8° elongation at noon, 12.1° elongation at sunset but very low, interesting. Simple on 20th
18. October Moon rises at conjunction at 5° elongation, 6° elongation at noon, sets at 7° elongation BEFORE the sun. Simple on 19th.
17. November Moon rises at 6.9° elongation, after conjunction, 8.2° elongation at noon, moon sets at 9.8° but at low angle. simple during the day, difficult in the evening
17. Dezember Moon rises at 8.9° elongation, hours after conjunction, 10.2° elongation at noon, 11.7° elongation at sunset, angle is ok, should be possible.

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