The moon near conjunction on 22. June 2009, as seen from Jeddah

Martin Elsässer 09.05.2009

Some predictions on the options to observe the lunar crescent around conjunction on 22. June 2009 from Jeddah, using the established contrast-enhancing techniques and assuming good conditions.
All times are UT.


22. June 01:45 Moon rises at 10° elongation, azimuth 61°, 45 minutes before sunrise, Sun at -10° altitude:
Should be possible to observe through traditional observation
22. June 02:30 Sun rises, Moon is at 9.6° elongation:
Daytime observation can begin, with ever decreasing distance untill sunset
22. June 16:09 Moon sets, shortly before the sun, at 3.7° elongation

22. June 19:35 Geocentric conjunction at 1.85° elongation: invisible as both bodies have set

23. June 02:50 Moon rises, some 20 minutes after the sun, at 5.5° elongation:
Daytime observation can begin, at ever increasing distances untill sunset
23. June 16:16 Sun sets, moon at 11.4° elongation, azimut 292°:
Traditional observation should be possible before moonset
23. June 17:09 Moon sets, at 11.9° elongation, Sun at -11° altitude

Focussing aids

Mercury is 20° west of the sun at -0.3mag
Venus is 45° west at -4.2mag
Castor is 22° east of the sun at 1.2mag

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