Crescent observations in May 2008

Martin Elsässer

6. May, Moon and Mercury in the evening sky

The 30h young moon crescent was a beautifull sight next to mercury on the eving of the 6th May.
moon and mercury
Moon and Mercury over the city of munich, in evening twilight.
The crescent through a telescope.

5. May, World record daytime images

Daytime crescent on 5. May 2008, world record, 5 minutes before conjunction

4. May 2008, morning sky

The old moon crescent could be seen on 4. May 2008 at 05:30 (CEST) through thin layers of clouds with the naked eye and binoculars, at an elongation of 19°.
old crescent on 4. may

4. May 2008, daytime observing

The old moon crescent could be seen very briefly through clouds at 14:30 on 4. May 2008, with a small telescope and a special light baffle. Very difficult, due to unfavourable weather.

5. May 2008, morning sky

The old moon crescent could NOT be seen visually during morning twilight on 5. May 2008 with several optical aids (binoculars, small telescopes). Low clouds, high humidity and the small elongation of only 6.3° made the attempt impossible.

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