Crescents in May 2008

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5. May 2008 (UT+2)

The best opportunity in 2008 to see/image the moon near conjunction will probably occur on 5th May 2008.
change of elongation
The diagramm shows how the elongation changes during may 5th.

Sunrise, old moon option

Sunrise will be 05:45 (UT+2), with the moon at 6.1° elongation. The moon will have risen some 40 minutes earlier at azimut 60°. This might be an opportunity for a visual sighting, though definitely very challenging. Perfect horizon required!
The bright star Hamal (2.0 mag) is directly above the location where the crescent will rise and will itself rise when the sun is at -13°. This will help in locating the exact spot of moonrise.
sunrise on 5. may


Conjunction occurs at 14:18 (UT+2), at an elongation of 4.57°. Sun and moon will be high in the sky. The venus will be about 9° west of the sun, which will be usefull for focussing the optics and aligning the mount.
relative position

Sunset, young moon option

The sun will set at 20:37 (UT+2) at azimut 297°, with the moon at 5.3° elongation. Interesting as an option to see the young crescent, but even more difficult then at sunrise. Mercury will be 15 above the horizon, that at least should be easily possible.
sunset on 5. may

Observations in May 2008
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