Successfull sighting of the crescent

Lunar crescent at the start of Ramadan 2008

Version 13.08.2008, ME

Geocentric new moon will be on the evening of 30. August at 21:58 (UT+2).

Old lunar crescent on 30. August

The thin crescent of the very old moon can possibly be observed in the morning of 30. August, at 7.6 elongation. Quite challenging.

Towards noon, the elongation will have dropped to 4.9, which should still be possible with the realtime video approach. It will further decrease towards the evening, which might be a good opportunity to test the limits.

Young lunar crescent on 31. August

The young lunar crescent will be at 8.8 elongation at noon of 31. August, which should be simple for the realtime video approach, weather permitting.

The elongation will further increase towards the evening, with 11.8 at sunset, which might even allow visual-daytime-observation through a telescope. The moon will set 1 minute after the sun.

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