Lunar crescent observation on 31. August 2008

Version 03.09.2008, ME


  • The following is a description of our astronomical observation of the lunar crescent on 31. August 2008.
  • We do NOT claim this observation to have any religious significance, which is for others to decide.
  • Still, any observation must be allowed at any time.


    The crescent of the young moon could be observed in daytime with the established real-time video crescent observation technique. Three experienced observers enjoyed the tv-like view of the crescent around 10:30 (UT+2), at an elongation of 7.8, 12.5 hours after geocentric conjunction. The crescent was easily visible on the computer screen, despite milky white skies, this near to the sun. We observed from Munich, at 48.25N, 11.75E.

    Later in the day we could also observe the crescent with the same camera, using visual light, with no filter on the CCD camera. This was more difficult though, as the contrast was not as good. (The use of red or infrared filters increases the contrast between the crescent and the blue sky.)

    We could NOT see the crescent visually through the telescope (using our eyes instead of the camera), despite trying for some time. The weather conditions at our low altitude location were not good enough for that on this day.

    During this observation the telescope with special baffle system was pointed at the correct location in the sky by a computer controlled telescope mount, similar to the equipment used for the world record crescent in may 2008.

    The image of the thin crescent at 10:50 (UT+2), as seen in the live-view of the real-time video system.

    Crescent observation from La Palma

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