Crescent raw data

Version vom 09.06.2010, Martin Elsässer

I provide some raw data of my crescent observations, for those who want to see how this stuff looks like.

A set of images from the world record observation on 2008-05-05.
Very difficult to process, no chance without the proper flat-field.
data of 2008-05-05 (55MB)
A set of images from an observation on 2008-08-31.
Quite easy to see.
data of 2008-08-31 (24MB)
A set of images from an observation on 2007-06-15, already converted from FITS and auto-flatted.
A lot of artifacts, due to deficiencies in image calibration, insects and other stuff.
Automatically detecting the crescent in this mess will be challenging.
data of 2007-06-15 (65MB)

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