Minimum crescent telescope

Version of 23. May 2015, Martin Elsaesser


These things are NOT fool-proof and can even be dangerous. You can destroy expensive equipment or even your eye-sight if you make a mistake during these daytime observations!
Get in touch with an experienced person to help you.

Standard hardware: optics, mount, camera

Small optics, suitable for the camera
Goto Mount, buy just the mount, you can not use the optics for this task
Camera, supported by the basic software


Some optical filters are required to improve contrast. These are not expensive. The proper choice depends on your local conditions and external requirements. You might also want to use a filter wheel for quickly changing filters and/or a flip-mirror for quickly switching to visual observation.


75% of the performance for daytime observation comes from software such as the Lucam Recorder, driving a suitable camera.
Even better performance and ease of use is acchieved with custom made software for this very task, as i have developed.

Lucam Recorder, Basic software with required capabilities, fully manual operation
Crescent Viewer, optimized software for this task developed by me.
Provided as part of a complete system, using better cameras.

Solar baffle

A solar baffle is required to shield your optics from the sun for safety and improved contrast. For simple crescents a long dew-shield would suffice.
For difficult crescents a more elaborate construction is required. You can not buy this of any shelf so either build it yourself or purchase it from somebody with enough knowledge. The baffle can have a serious impact on the requirements for the mount and the overall construction.

Complete systems

I have provided numerous high-end systems for crescent observation to government institutions and private individuals. These systems are carefully designed for optimum performance, safety and ease of use, based on our pioneering work and almost ten years of practical experience with this kind of crescent observation. Training is an important part of such a solution. Contact me if you want to acchieve the best results.

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