Crescents in March 2024

Young crecent on 11. March 2024

For the beggining of Ramadan crescent the sky conditions were quite bad in Munich but as the crescent was quite wide i hoped that i could at least image it. As complete cloud cover was predicted for the evening i tried daytime observation while there was still some chance...

Before i started i could capture a nice halo around the sun. There is a lot of haze and also moving structures...

During the observation the conditions got worse, with white skies where the crescent should be. Under good conditions i might even have been able to see the crescent visually through the telescope but with the mass of haze and clouds that was quite impossible.

crescent at 11:02
The young crescent at an elongation of around 15° at 11:02 local time. Only by capturing LOTS of images and all the special methods of the software could i get that image. Due to the many clouds there was no chance to see this visually with a telescope, even though the crescent was quite wide. With very good conditions this could have been seen with a telescope (in daytime).

crescent at 11:11
The young crescent at 11:11 local time, with a new stack of MANY images and another processing mode.

telescope setup
The well known telescope setup.

telescope setup
Another view of the telescope setup.

Old crescent on 9. March 2024

The old crescent (shortly before the start of Ramadan) could easily be imaged with a small lens despite some hazy clouds. The small lens only had 400mm of focal length.