Crescents in Oktober 2012

Version 16.10.2012 Martin Elsaesser,

Old crescent on 14. Oktober

The weather was bad in the morning, so i could not observe the crescent before sunrise. Most clouds disappeared later, and observation of the crescent with the imaging system was easy around noon. I also tried to see it visually with the telescope, but the weather was not good enough, despite the large elongation.

Crescent through clouds in daytime
The crescent was imaged through clouds around noon using the specialized software. This processing mode retains the overall structure of the image.

Crescent through clouds in daytime
This processing mode shows faint structures despite clouds and stuff but visual beauty really suffers.

Crescent through clouds in daytime
This processing mode is usually a good compromise for most situations.

Young crescent on 16. Oktober

Conditions were bad on the evening of 16. Oktober, with layers of clouds approaching from the west. I arrived at the observing site only 20 minutes before sunset and rushed to setup the imaging system. Despite the clouds, the imaging system quickly showed the crescent, which was visible for only 6 minutes, befor it vanished in the clouds. I tried to see it visually through 12x50 binoculars but did not succeed.

weather near sunset
Lots of clouds near the horizon, with the crescent located low above the treeline on the left.

crescent through the clouds
The imaging system showed the crescent through the clouds for about 6 minutes, but i could not see it visually.

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