Crescents in December 2012

Version 16.12.2012 Martin Elsaesser,

Young crescent on 14. December

The weather was bad in the afternoon with layers of high cirrus clouds causing white skies and even thicker clouds were approaching from the west. As there would be no chance to observe after sunset i had to use the imaging-system to punch through the clouds in daytime. This it did easily enough, as the crescent was already quite wide at 16° elongation.

Crescent through clouds in daytime
Crescent on 14. december in daytime, imaged through strong cirrus clouds.

weather conditions
Sky conditions during the observation.

Old crescent on 12. December

The old crescent could be seen with the naked eye in good sky conditions. We had 25cm of snow and about -8°C. Mercury and Venus were visible above the crescent.

Crescent on 12.12.2012
Old crescent above low clouds.

Sky conditions
Sky conditions

Lichtsaeule der Venus
Light pillar above and below Venus, as light is scattered by ice-crystals in the air.

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