Crescents in August 2012

Version 20.09.2012 Martin Elsaesser,

Old / Young crescent on 17. August

Conjunction on 17. August was the perfect opportunity to observe the NULL, the crescent at the very moment of conjunction. Elongation between sun and moon was very large at 5.8° and the weather conditions were good, so the daytime observation was easy.

We drove to the local mountains, to get even better conditions. The weather was fine and i setup the instruments on a nice spot with a splendid view, the well known "Sudelfeld".

Crescent telescope with background
Crescent telescope on the Sudelfeld, with the Wendelstein in the background.

Sky quality during the observation
Good blue skies during the observation, but some cirrus, when getting lower.

The local fauna.

Using a dedicated crescent telescope and the specialized automatic crescent observation software to process the camera data, i could immediately see the crescent in the images, some two hours before conjunction.

crescent before conjunction
The crescent some two hours before conjunction, easily visible, due to the large elongation and good skies.

I could easily follow the crescent for the next three hours, right through the moment of geocentric conjunction. As the crescent got lower, more clouds were encountered and conditions got worse.

crescent at the moment of conjunction
The crescent at the moment of conjunction. It was easily visible in the video.

I created a Youtube-video of the crescent around conjunction.

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