Young crescent on 29. August 2011

Version 31.08.2011 Martin Elsaesser,

Geocentric conjunction occurred on 29. August at 05:04 (UT+2), before sunrise here in Munich. (Elongation was about 5.4° at that time, but both sun and moon had not risen yet.)

I observed the very young crescent around 10:30 (UT+2), at a height of about 32°. The moon was located below the sun as seen from Munich, at an elongation of about 6.6° from the sun.

Sun and moon on 29. August
Sun and moon before noon on 29. August, as seen from Munich. The north pole of the lunar disk points to the upper left.

The young crescent could easily be imaged with the established CCD-video technique and appeared as expected in terms of orientation and width.
Sky conditions were ok, but airplane contrails and cirrus clouds were distracting.

Crescent imaged with the video technique
Lunar crescent imaged with the video technique, around 10:30 (UT+2). The camera was aligned with the horizon.

Crescent view simulated with Guide 8
View of the lunar crescent simulated with Guide 8, which fits very well with the observation.

The crescent was clearly observed AFTER conjunction, which occurred some 5.5 hours earlier, so it should be counted for the new month. The orientation of the crscent in the image is an effect of the horizontal camera orientation chosen.

Some notes on crescent orientation

Some images of the old crescent on the morning of 28. August

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