Old crescent of 5. November 2010

Version 6. November 2010, Martin Elsaesser

The old crescent of 5. November was very close to venus, when it rose in the south east. Alas, layers of clouds made the observation difficult. Arriving somewhat late at the site, i missed the actual moonrise, but had my first view of venus, when the moon had already entered the lowest layer of clouds.
I could see venus repeatedly through the clouds during the next half hour, but was not able to visually spot the thin lunar crescent (using a pair of 8x32 binoculars) through the moving and distracting clouds.

Still, as i took many images with a 500mm lens, i could identify the crescent on these images later.

Cloud situation
The multiple layers of clouds, illuminated by the twilight, were a nice sight .

Venus and moon around 06:50 local time
Venus and lunar crescent (right half of the image, slightly above venus) around 06:50.

Venus and moon around 06:57 local time
Venus and lunar crescent through the clouds around 06:57.

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