Version of 21.08.2009, Martin Elsässer,

Old moon on 19. August

Young lunar crescent on 21. August 2009

The young lunar crescent could be captured with the established camera technique around 06:15 UT, about 45 minutes after it had risen above the eastern horizon.
The moon was at an altitude of 5.5° and at 13° elongation from the sun.

There was a lot of haze in the sky and clouds were approaching from the west.
The sun had risen around 04:00 UT, so this was a DAYTIME observation, but the moon sets AFTER the sun this evening, though this will be very difficult to observe.

We used a simple 135mm lens, a red filter and a black/white CCD camera with special software, to enjoy a contrast-enhanced live-image of the clouds moving in front of the crescent.

Young crescent on 21. August 2009
The young crescent, around 07:00 UT.

Video of the young crescent on 21. August 2009
A short video of the clouds moving in front on the lunar crescent. This spans around 45s of real-time.

Sky conditions during the obsveration
The sky was quite hazy and the moon was located below this first bank of clouds, UNDER the sun. Not visible in this image.

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